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Something I think many Christians might struggle with is understanding the difference between just being a punk…. and being a punk with a purpose. A punk with a purpose is actually an oxymoron, because “a punk” is defined as a worthless person, not unlike the “punk” you might find in a box of fire works.  It’s used to light the other fire crackers but it never goes “bang” itself. It’s that weird piece of incense sitting pointlessly in your box of sparklers. We call it a punk.

A punk with a purpose is simply a tongue in cheek term I use for gently becoming the pebble in someone’s shoe, the grain of sand in their oyster, the mosquito in their tent. A punk with a purpose is a rebel with a clue, someone who knows how to fight back and is willing to take a stand.

Sometimes I think we as Christians have been so inundated with lectures about the horrors of rebellion and defiance, with instructions to “judge not” and “turn the other cheek,” that we often start to resemble doormats for the whole world to just walk on. If that sounds harsh, well, I am a doormat extraordinaire, so I know of what I speak. I’ve lost track of all the times God has been urgently whispering to me, “Stand up!” and I’ve been like, “Lord, would you please leave me be, I’m trying to keep your peace here!” Don’t be like that, in fact, if you find yourself trying to rationalize and argue with God, you’re probably already in big trouble.

So, Gig Harbor is a huge city not far from me. I jest, but they do have ten times as many stop lights as we do, so we call them “the city.” In truth they are nothing but a fishing village, about 7000  people, a small town. A small town whose city officials bent under the weight of some pressure, and prevented residents from displaying a nativity set, something they have done for nearly a  decade now.

“A Wisconsin-based atheist, agnostic and “free thinker” organization threatened legal action against the city if it allowed a nativity scene on public property.-link here

Wisconsin!! Some group in Wisconsin believes it has the right to bully and threaten a small town in another state and dictate how they can and cannot celebrate Christmas?!

Oh, I’d be getting my punk on right now! By the time I was finished, nearly every private residence and business would be defiantly displaying a huge nativity set and my city council would be getting thousands of letters and emails from all around the world. Then I’d video tape all those nativity sets, read some of those emails, and then you-tube the whole thing and send it to Wisconsin. That’s how you handle that.

There’s been some tiny protests. The city council will hold hearings next year. The lawyers are working on a permit process. Just the same, I think the headline in the News Tribune ought to shake people out of their stupor,  “No baby Jesus this year for Gig Harbor.”

I’m all for free thought and free thinkering organizations. As it says in Mathew 10:8, “….freely ye have received, freely give.”