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So Tomassi of Rational Male fame, laments what he calls, “The bastardization of the Red Pill,” in a post called The Awareness. From what I can glean, bad press, observable misogyny, and of course, women, have stolen the concept and gotten girl cooties on it. Also, Cassie Jaye produced a movie about the red pills.

My point for several years now has been that the red pill matrix is already a bastardization, a cultish perversion of Christian doctrine and values. What makes it such a distortion and perversion is that it has been completely separated from Jesus Christ and from any aspects of thelogy that may be uncomfortable or inconvenient.

For example, rather than coming to Christ, one simply “comes to red pill awareness.”

Tomassi states, “Along with this awareness comes a measure of anger, but mostly this is due to having long held ego-investments revealed for what they are – internalized beliefs that were developed as a result of Blue Pill social conditioning.”

Actually within faith we would call “ego-investments,” relinquishing pride and submitting to Christ. “Blue pill” conditioning would be called sin, deceptions, lies of the enemy.

Here’s one subtle difference however, submitting to Christ requires taking responsibility and admitting you are a sinner in need of a Savior. No one is really a helpless victim who developed sin through no fault of their own, as if my only problems stem from, “blue pill conditioning” unfairly thrust upon me by the culture.

Tomassi continues by saying, “I am reminded of the explanation of the 32nd Law of Power: The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment.”

Here too is another not so subtle problem, what is truth? Is it how we feel? Our ability to reason? The amount of success one has with women? Our pursuit of power, wealth, and status? Little red and blue pills?

As humans, truth is so subjectively perceived, we must actually go outside of ourselves to find it. So we often call the bible the Word of Truth or even the Sword of Truth. Outside of the bible, outside of God, there is really nothing more than moral relativism and moral ambiguity and “the truth” becomes an entirely subjective matter of opinion.

In John 18 we have a chilling example of subjective truth in action, where Pilate asks, “…Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king, To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice….”

And Pilate simply replies, “What is truth?”

Red pills don’t really have Jesus Christ, they don’t really have the bible, their perception of “the truth” is going to revolve exclusively around how they feel, what they get, how they personally will benefit. These things are called red pill truth.

Tomassi continues, “Once a man comes into this awareness, once he sees the code in the Matrix, once he realizes how all-encompassing it is, the old him literally ceases to exist. He may well be the same man with the same personality, the same gifts and the same disposition, but his Red Pill awareness makes living in his old paradigm an impossibility.”

The old him? I believe we actually call that dying to self, putting on the new man. Christ makes you a better version of yourself, we cast off the old man, we become a new creature.

So you see, “red pill praxeology,” is already a bastardization, a collection of hijacked ideas already laid out in the bible, but rather than taken in context and used as tools to bring us closer to our Creator, to transform us into better versions of ourself, it is being presented as an ideology that can be sought completely outside the context of Christ, the bible, or religion at all.

Gone is the submission to Jesus Christ, that has been replaced by human pride. Gone is surrender and humility, sacrifice and service. The rewards for this new and improved so-called “red pill awareness,” now revolve exclusively around pride, human status, and oddly, often the number of women you can conquer.

Tomassi is a man of faith. So is Dalrock, Day, Donal, and a whole slew of others who seem hell-bent on replacing Jesus Christ…. with a Hollywood movie designed to mess with your head. None of these guys will listen to me, but if they did I would beg to know why they felt the need to try to replace Jesus Christ with the Matrix and why they cannot see how this might be so terribly wrong?

The truth is that you just cannot serve two masters. One is either a Christian or one is a red pill. Those who believe they can do both are trapped in an entirely different kind of Matrix altogether.

Tomassi concludes with what struck me as a rather sad and tragic projection, “And this false hope, one that conveniently ignores the uncomfortable parts of Red Pill awareness, is what will be sold by profiteers no matter what title they apply to it.”