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Nightwind made me laugh with a post called,  “THE MANOSPHERE’S MONKEY CHURCH” One really doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry sometimes, but when I get tired of despairing for all of humankind, I tend to just laugh at how ludicrous it all is.

So Dalrock wrote a post called, The unexpected challenge to modern Christian orthodoxy. Dalrock for those who don’t know, is one of those Christian red pills whose nose is perpetually bent out of shape due to his apparent resentment over the fact that God actually made women human. Dalrock than proceeds to attempt to compare the Christian church, the body of Christ…. to Joy Behar on the View.

Well now, that’s rational.

It gets better however, one of these rabid feminist pastors hellbent on leading us all astray is….. Pastor Doug Wilson of Moscow fame. Wilson, the “extreme complementarian?!”  The patriarchal patriarch of all patriarchs?! You have got to be kidding me! I seriously choked when I read this. Apparently Pastor Wilson’s big crime is to be found in his post, “The Suitor and His Porn”  Wilson seems to be expressing something very close to an acknowledgement that women are actually human, which in Dalrock’s book makes Wilson comparable to Joy Behar on the View, and a rabid feminist to boot.

In the ultimate twist of all ironies, Dalrock manages to completely forget his numerous lectures about lines of authority  in the church and how woman shouldn’t teach, perpetual silence, submission, etc. etc. He actually instructs women to go seeking their biblical truths not from men of the church, not from pastors, not from the bible…….but from Dr Helen and some lady named Caitlin Flanagan who once wrote an article in The Atlantic.

What “biblical truth” might that be you may ask? Well, anything that will help us completely deny the Reverends Moore and Mohlers idea that,  “A husband owes his wife the confidence, affection, and emotional support that would lead her to give herself freely in the act of sex.”

Orcs I tell ya, Orcs swinging from a monkey tree.