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Just looking over my blog with all good humor and observing, IB seems to be singing the “12 Days of  Twisted Christmas.” So much for French hens and turtle doves! I’ve got the benefits of hatred, heroin deaths out number gun deaths, race and religion, false prophets, and other cheery Christmas stories.

I suppose there is a method to all this madness. Here in the midst of the advent season we are anxiously awaiting the birth of a Savior. Does anyone still wonder why we might need One?

So, my least favorite thing in all the world, child sexual abuse, the theft of a child’s mind, body, and soul. I’m a mom, it kind of stabs me in the heart and makes me want to kill people. The harm that is done to a kid’s very sense of being is just horrific, with long-term and far-reaching damage. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and sexual abuse does precisely that. Healing is possible however, redemption, mercy, God really will restore what was stolen, ten fold over. It’s a horrific violation of someone’s spirit, but people can survive and thrive and heal.

So pedophile rings, large conspiracies and cover-ups, really push my buttons. There’s a kind of evil there where everyone just looks the other way, or worse enables it and participates, often for financial benefit. Then there are those just caught up in denial, who just can’t believe or accept what they see, so unwitting participants who help keep the cycle going.

I suppose there is a positive side to the internet, in the sense that it has really helped to blow the lid off the pervasiveness of pedophilia. The dark web, the number of child porn sites, all speak to some really sad and tragic truth about  supply and demand. As awful as it is to bear witness to, we solve these problems by dragging them out into the sunlight. They thrive in secrecy and darkness.

I am not a fan of vigilante justice, and in fact, people have been falsely accused, implicated in crimes they did not commit, so everybody deserves a thorough investigation and a fair trial. No witch hunts. Justice is not dead, there are many people who care and the system does work. A little part of my heart just sings when I see that a happening, so a toast to those who expose these things.

Something I do observe however, these stories don’t get a whole lot of media attention. Sometimes they are actually scrubbed from the internet. I’m not sure why that happens, but I think we need to bring them back to the forefront, start talking about them, start celebrating  the fact that justice is alive and well in the world, that the truth has a way of prevailing when good people step forward and make it happen

So, in Nov 2013 there was a huge Canadian child sex sting involving at least 348 people.

In July of 2016, Spokane uncovered a pedophile ring

Police in Norway in Nov 2016 uncovered a ring involving at least 51 people.

Big investigation going on with British soccer, too.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, a tiny sample of stories that haven’t gotten a whole lot of press. I am somewhat encouraged by the fact that 2016 seems to have seen an increase. Child sexual abuse has been with us since forever, but the fact that these rings are actually being broken up and exposed is a relatively new phenomenon.

Morally we’re all responsible in some way, collectively for the safety and well-being of kids and we all really need to become part of the solution. I’m not speaking of rooting out pedophiles, but rather by simply making sure all kids have a connection and relationship with adults who care about them. Wolves cannot prey on lambs who are surrounded by sheep. They must be separated and singled out first, cut off from the herd.