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From Nightwind we have a post I really appreciate called  “CDC: DRUGS KILL MORE AMERICANS THAN GUNS”

That’s a dreadful subject for this time of year, but I found it most encouraging, hope perhaps, reassurance that maybe people will begin to pay attention, to start to listen. This country has a drug problem. Meth and heroin are huge issues, but so too are prescription drugs, opiates especially.

I’m a wounded soldier, a bit of collateral damage from the on going cultural battle that washed into rural communities like a tsunami some years ago and just got progressively worse. A wounded soldier because I haven’t got any power, so I’ve spent a good decade getting frustrated, grieving so much destruction and loss, trying desperately to make people listen.

I’ve said a few times that meth and heroin are downright satanic, in the sense that they come to steal, kill, and destroy. They also mess with your head, so witchcraft, pharmakeia. The same word we get “pharmacy” from. Here we’ve got some Christians still freaked out about Pagans and rebellious women and it’s really the pharmakeia that is robbing so many people of their lives, right now, right under our noses.

Sadly the problem is political, it involves corruption, the economy, a whole slew of issues that interact with one another. People don’t just suddenly decide to do drugs, drugs are planted, brought into  a community. Addicts are created, preyed upon, and victimized. Of course we all have personal responsibility, choices we can make, wisdom and common sense that should kick in, but those who traffic in drugs are actually predators.

A while back I watched a video of a party from long ago, people I once knew, people too young to understand what they were getting themselves into. They’re all dead now, every last one, snuffed out way too soon like a candle in the wind.