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First off, reading this kind of stuff makes me feel sick to my stomach and heartsick, too. Just sad that there is such ignorance in the world, such arrogance and a lack of empathy. I really don’t have to read any of this stuff or share it, but I do it because I think it’s important for people to understand that within the Body of Christ there are people like Vox Day.

I actually choose to care about that ugly fact, ironically due to intelligence and empathy, but even if I were not too bright and bordering on sociopath, I would still choose to care because that really is the transformative power of Jesus Christ. You simply cannot love Christ and not love His people. Once you’ve been touched by grace, it just becomes who you are, He becomes who you are. 

We can argue till the cows come home about fake Christians, about professing Christians, about false prophets, but none of that alters the fact that VD is real enough, professing his faith, spreading hatred and racism, and often the very caricature  people see when they see “a Christian.”

So,VD’s Race and Religion, just more of his hot air about race, religion, intelligence, and empathy, in which he pretty much just lays out clear evidence of his own inability to understand any of those things, while accusing others of lacking empathy and a capacity for logic.

First let me say that it was black women who really taught me how to pray effectively, how to fight back spiritually, and how drop everything and just praise His name when your whole world is falling apart. Those are lessons that I have carried my whole life, that have saved me over and over again. How to have strength in weakness, grace under fire, all things I learned from black women, all ideas later reaffirmed in the words of Paul. The Apostle Paul would make no sense to me today, if I had not seen his words in action, women actually living them out who gave me a very real and human example of what that really looks like.

Empathy is this fleeting thing and it can actually become immoral, perverted, it’s all emotionally based and somewhat self-absorbed. You can actually kill people with your compassion. A far superior form of “empathy” is actually Christ’s grace, having met the redemptive and healing power of God’s forgiveness and mercy yourself. Grace is wise, supernatural, beyond our understanding, beyond the physical, and it reflects out into the world, it just shines in people.

VD concludes his little screed with, “Christianity certainly helps support the development of empathy in an individual by providing a strong rational justification for it, but it observably does not create it ex nihilo in the human breast.”

All these years later I can almost hear Louise’s voice saying, “Well, bless his little heart!” She’s long gone now, but I know just what she would say. She would tell me, “either you trust in the blood of the Lamb or you don’t, either you believe He can crush a rock or you don’t.”

Then she would have interceded for VD, prayed genuine prayers for him with far more compassion and mercy than I can muster today. She would have prayed for him just like she once did for me, “Lord, this child just aint right. Show her the same grace and mercy you’ve shown me.”

Ex nihilo nihil fit, out of nothing comes nothing, so Something, Someone, does indeed “create it ex nihilo in the human breast.”