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Night Wind wrote a Friday Feature, a foray into the world of entertainment that ties it all into themes around masculinity, guilt, and redemption.

Naturally redemption is one of my favorite things. One can not even have a proper love story without some elements of redemption within in! Those themes are really what call out to the essence of the human spirit.

Nightwind  is speaking of a 1969 Western, Night of the Serpent, while I am speaking of love stories, but the idea and concept of redemption are the same.

My hubby and I are kind of opposites, but he loves Westerns around themes of redemption, while I love Westerns around themes of redemptive love and  romance. But does he get the girl?? It can be rather comical, because we can be watching the same movie, but not really be watching the same movie at all. He’ll turn it off right when we’re about to get to the good parts! Drives me nuts.

That is a profound difference between many men and women, a delightful one, but women tend to be more like adjectives, descriptive, we’re looking to the interpersonal relationships, while men are more like verbs, action words, prescriptive.

Nightwind says something rather wise here that I think cannot be said enough, “It is often—though mistakenly—believed by many that our Postmodern culture denies human evil and considers all actions equally moral. This is an illusion. Postmodernists reject morality, but embrace its opposite—immorality—as normative, and reject the idea of redemption. A character like Luke’s, in their scheme of things, never has nor deserves forgiveness; no matter what he does.”

This took me a long time to understand. I am all about accommodation, tolerance, compromise, let’s play nice culturally. What I have often failed to recognize is that tolerating “all people” is actually a one way street. For many, your simply being a Christian is already a deal breaker. You are now beyond redemption, according to postmodern thought.

That may well sound harsh, but it was a harsh lesson I had to learn the hard way. If there is one thing I regret in my life, it is the fact that I never knew this, and so I invested too much time in seeking human redemption, human favor, within a worldly system that is going to deny it to me anyway, by design.

I knocked myself out, I jumped through hoops, I appealed to people, I kept my mouth shut, I went along to get along, and in the end I got kicked out of the cool kid’s club anyway. Or perhaps just kicked around, but regardless I spent a great deal of time chasing people-reconciliation, people-redemption, people-favor, things that did not really exist, things that were never going to be granted to me anyway.

It took me a long, long time to learn how to fight back.

There’s a love story within a love going on here. I found full redemption and healing at the foot of the cross, and hubby and I began to understand one another better, and in that process you can really see the complementary nature of men and women come into play, the beauty of that design that not only brings some harmony and balance to the world, it can open your eyes to things you never understood before.