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Just a couple of products I came across that you may be interested in…..or perhaps not.

First we have the NanoBanshee, the new personal alarm system alleged to blast at 130 decibels. We do have several dogs in the neighborhood that run lose and like to attack, so I suppose in that sense it could have some useful applications. Of course, we also have the neighbors likely to just come out shooting in random directions thinking it’s an air raid or something. That could be problematic.

I like the name however, it’s very cute. I think hubby and I once gave birth to a NanoBanshee.

The second one is kind of pretty but rather creepy. It’s called Artful Ashes. Yes, you can now have your loved ones made into…… a Christmas ornament, if you like. Wouldn’t that be lovely? It gives a whole new meaning to “the family tree.”

They have a photo of a glass ornament in a mitt, with a baseball bat in the background which I found most intriguing. Surely I am not only one who wonders what that is all about? Are there some relatives who you might wish to send off in some kind of home run? Are we sending them into the outfield here or are we hoping to shatter that little ball?

Just a couple of things that make me go, hmmm.