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rockaroundtreeThis really cracked me up. I am all about the Rock. That’s a long story, but it speaks to miscommunication and cultural clashes. Many times I have been trying to speak of another Rock, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, my cornerstone, my Rock, and those who have been nurtured on pop culture just kept speaking of Doo-wayne and professional wrestling?!

It was like an epic failure to communicate, but an amusing one.

I once tried to reassure a guy, to convince him to look up. You have a Rock available, an anchor for your soul, and he said, “what is Dwayne Johnson going to do for me?”

Sigh, first world Christian problems! The Doo-wayne Rock has become my personal meme and mascot for first world Christian problems, problems for which I am quite grateful  for because at least they keep me laughing.