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IB a tiny bit frustrated with the intertoobz today. When not immersed in The Word, or bedazzled by romance, I really do like to talk politics, especially the system, design and architecture of US politics.

So I tried to comment on an article about this young gal, by typing just one sentance, “I like the electoral college.” Immediate delete, as in “your comment did not meet our standards for civility.”

It’s almost comical. Well actually it’s quite comical, if it didn’t always have a darker edge to it. That is flat out censorship, bias, and emotionalism at play. We need more dialog and communication in the world, not less.

So I went and found the article I refer to from another source, the Guardian. It’s a better article anyway. So there.

Teen becomes seventh ‘faithless elector’ to protest Trump as president-elect

Since I cannot seem to chat with anyone else about it, I decided to just pour my ire out on my own blog. I jest, I haven’t really got any ire, but I did want to engage with some people and I am most offended here. Has anyone ever heard of respecting  your elders? I am quite serious, this gal is 19 years old. Those I was trying to, uh educate? inform? were not much older.

Levi Guerra says herself, “I’m only 19 and this is my first time being involved in politics, but I hope that my willingness to put my country before my party will show that my generation cares about all Americans…..” 

Wait, who’s the lunkhead in this state who made a 19 year old girl an elector, but worse, an elector who freely admits this is the first time she’s ever been involved in politics?! Ai yi yi.

It’s a bit ridiculous, because this state voted for Hillary Clinton. It is a winner take all system. Levi Guerra really is mandated to follow the will of the people, so in theory she should cast her vote for Clinton. She says, “my generation cares about all Americans.” Well there you go. Vote as the people of your state voted and show you care. She doesn’t want to, she wants to vote for a Republican in order to cast a protest vote against Donald Trump.

Okay, but does that really “show that my generation cares about all Americans…?” Because all I see here is a faithless elector, faithless to her political party, faithless to the voters in her state, and faithless to the millions of other people in this country who actually did vote for Donald Trump. That’s a whole lot of Americans to shut out and silence, all under the guise of allegedly proving “how much your generation cares.”