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I really enjoyed this article “Christian Women Don’t always Submit” , a link I shamelessly snagged from Becky on FB.

Abigail Dodds really did a nice job with this piece and summed it up so well in one sentence, “The biggest problem with women and submission is too much of it in the wrong places.”

Precisely. Women are often submitting to so many things, negative and worldly things, like how your home should look, what a perfect family is, what products you should buy, how much you should weigh, what other people think of you. Diet, exercise, cosmetics, fashion, consumerism, entertainment, all things trying to tell women how to think and perceive the world around us, what our opinions of ourselves and others should be.

Consider how different the world would look, how much happier we’d all be, if we submitted to God, specifically submitted to what God thought of us as women. He says we’re all daughters of a Most High God, having such worth and value He gave His very life for us. Submit to the idea that you are deeply loved and cherished, delighted in even, because when you can fully embrace that, it just spills forth onto everyone else around you.

I’ve never met a cranky, dis-satisfied, contemptuous woman, including myself, that wasn’t in someway being tormented by envy and insecurity, much of it usually driven by media and culture, by placing everyone else’s opinion in front of God’s opinion. We tend to voluntarily put ourselves under the world’s authority without thinking about it too much.

It’s kind of sad, there is such hostility, outrage, fear, rejection of faith itself, because of the very word submission.  It’s actually a very sweet and woman affirming concept in marriage, with a myriad of wisdom lurking behind it that has a whole lot to do with our own peace of mind and general well being.