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natashaSeriously, I am most offended. This injustice will not stand! I have totally been doing my best to play a role in this Rocky and Bullwinkle parody of ourselves that is going on with the Russian trolls. I am Natasha Fatale, I tell ya, and Boris is the bad guy. Bullwinkle will arrive to save the day at any moment….or perhaps just muck things up some more.

I speak of course of the PropOrNot Black Friday report, those investigating and tracing “fake news.” They actually have made a list of websites that can be tracked back to some form of Russian propaganda, er “news.” I did not make the list. That’s disgraceful and I really think they should be ashamed of their selves for the oversight!

I  am also annoyed because they have totally messed with my head. A bit like an android sent off to calculate PI down to that final decimal,  I have that dreaded blue smoke coming out of my ears. This. Does. Not. Compute. I speak of just one line in the report that says, “Sites with US audiences estimated in the millions, echo Russian state owned propaganda and consistently and relentlessly attack actual journalism.”

villainIt’s those last two words that have thrown me for a loop, “actual journalism.” Where is this mythical beast? Oh do tell, where is the actual journalism people allegedly have been relentlessly and consistently attacking? Also, mindlessly attacking I presume, since the alleged Russian disinformation campaign is unfairly brainwashing us. Or something.

You know what this whole thing reminds me of? Envy. Hey, back off, unquestioning consumers of news are our mindless lemmings to brainwash. How dare the Russians step in and try to steal our useful idiots!

I jest here, except for the part about Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Natasha. I am so Natasha, that part is real, but there is a more serious lesson to be found here, and that is to understand that we as individuals do control the vertical and the horizontal. We are in charge of what information we consume, what entertainment we pursue, what kind of music we listen to, what we chose to believe. We are responsible for our own critical thought processes, and even when we are lacking the ability to think critically, we are responsible for seeking out others who can assist us.

To become a passive consumer of anything is really a bad idea, no matter who you are handing the remote control over to.  As Natasha I sometimes like to quip, “back off I already have a handler, and His name is Jesus Christ.”