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I continue to be troubled by the Red Pills, specifically the so-called Christian wing of the Alt Right. Never mind politics here, it is the sheer meanness and cruelty being promoted and advocated under the guise of Christ’s name. That’s a lie, that’s a deception, and those who speak hatred over others while claiming His name are actually embracing an anti-christ spirit and not the Holy Spirit at all.

The other day I encountered 3 different women who all declared “Christian men are monsters,” and while normally my response would be to protect and defend, to deny and tell them it isn’t so, it really is so, it is true. There are some real monsters in the world disguised as Christian men. I call them Orcs. This does not mean that “all” Christian men are monsters, but if you meet 3 or four Orcs often you’re just done. You’re done with faith, you’re done with the church, and you’re done with Jesus Christ Himself.

I’m sure there are Orcian females too, I’ve met some, but just the same, men have a special calling, a special responsibility. So twitter mob a woman on the internet, shriek at her about being a Jezebel and serving the Father of all lies, and basically engage in various modern-day versions of the Spanish Inquisition, and you have now not only confirmed her own biases, you have confirmed the biases of everyone else in the internet world who is watching.

The Alt Right response to this is, “we don’t care.” Really? Because as someone who follows Christ, I care a great deal. I can’t even imagine saying “I don’t care,” least I encounter Jesus Christ someday and He was to condemn me with my very own words.

So, Vox Day recently engaged in some outright spiritual abuse of a Christian woman on the internet. That really is the method of operation for these guys, to attack Christian women who aren’t likely to fight back. Or perhaps a husband who is busy caring for a disabled wife. That’s what cowards do, they pick on soft targets. In response to VD pridefully celebrating his ability to behave like a complete jerk and to abuse others, he did receive a tiny bit of push back, as you see in this thread, “Mailvox, can’t you be nicer?”

He does not know it and likely he does not care, but I have stayed up all night talking to people, both men and women, who VD and his minions have abused, people driven not only to giving up on their faith, but to suicide and self harm, too. That’s what happens when you attack hurting people verbally and spiritually.

A little leven spoils the whole loaf, and I am absolutely sickened by the fact that there are some Christians who encourage such things, who actually heap praise on VD as if giving voice to his inner demons is some kind of fruit of the spirit.

So, a good reminder to those of us who encounter someone saying things like, “All Christians are monsters,” keep in mind that the monsters, although few and far between, are often quite real.