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So, the latest official conspiracy theory alleges the Russians engaged in propaganda, trolling, and fake news stories, in order to brainwash the general public into voting for Trump.

My thoughts on the matter are yes, and so?? Of course they did. Likely they also played the Alt-Right and created themselves some useful idiots. The Alt-Right has been a bit entertaining with all their endless Putin alpha-adoration. The last time I saw a photo of him shirtless riding a bear, I started to catch on.

I’ve been talking about social engineering for years, or trying to. Manipulating public perception through propaganda and influencing human behavior. Gaming off our biological bliss hits. I believe Mark Zuckerberg of FB fame calls it, “introducing an emotional contagion.”

It’s a bit complicated trying to speak clearly of propaganda and social engineering in a country that engages in…. propaganda and social engineering. Mediated reality. It’s like trying to play this never-ending guessing game about  whose ulterior motives are more truthful.

So, to try to provide some old-fashioned journalistic balance here is The Washington Post, “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” 

and here are the Russians, “WaPo blasted online for article accusing Russia of ‘sophisticated’ US election propaganda.”

Here’s what I want people to know, brainwashing is a real thing in the world and there are shenanigans and tom foolery going on all the time. Just because you read it on the internet, doesn’t make it true. “Click bait” is a term that means, you are the fish. There is a hook hidden in your bait.

But what I really want people to know, this kind of propaganda works by sowing discontent, creating divisions, and fueling cynicism. Separate, divide, control, psy ops 101. So the more Americans distrust their government, the more cynical we become about our elections, the more we perceive one another as the enemy, the more unstable we become as a culture, and as a society. It weakens us.

Fueling cynicism, like “your cops aren’t doing their job, society is about to collapse, and your election was just stolen by a bunch of Russians trolls.”

I say “stop blaming the Russians” because while there really are a few very skilled people working the internet psy-ops, the very idea that the general American public is so blasted stupid that we all sat here ingesting fake news stories and believing them until we all got up and walked zombie like to the polls, is just insulting to the intelligence. Yes, perhaps a few hundred thousand of us do live in a perpetual echo chamber waiting for the mothership to download our instructions to us, but most of us do not. Most of us actually have a filter on our brains.

Those of us who do not probably just read the Washington Post.