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All in good fun here, but my news feed has been filled with the usual articles, all some variation of,  “America died on Nov 8, 2016.” RIP America. Gone, gone, gone. Every last one of them an over the top, melodramatic declaration of our own demise. The endless tombstone memes are quite common, too, as you can see here.


I’m really not sure what this never-ending desire to write our own epithet is all about, but I’ve been observing the phenomenon for about a decade now. It may well have been going on longer than that, but I seem to remember a time when we used to, at the very least, resign ourselves to  bravely trudge on.rip-3

Today we simply fall on our sword, declare ourselves to be dead,  and hope nobody disturbs us…or something? Actually I’m a bit baffled by how this thing actually works? Leave me alone, I’m busy playing dead? Or perhaps, it’s more like some kind of ancient curse, said in a fit of temper,  “you’re dead to me!” I’m finished, I’m done, I throw in the towel. I just refuse to care anymore.


You probably can’t read the dates on all those tombstones, but just for the record we have been dying during every election year…. and all the years in between, too. We’ve been dying a lot, in fact every time something in this country doesn’t go our way, we seem to take our dollies and stomp off to the….otherside.


Okay, so call me crazy, but this is no way to live. As fun as it is to imagine ourselves dead, we are not actually dead. Like, we still have to live here, we still have to get up and go to work, there are kids that need to be fed, toilets to clean….

It’s really time for us to stop faking our own death America, and actually start living. Let’s try something new, something cutting edge. Let’s speak some life over this country