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So of course there is a great deal of heated debate after the election. People have been blasting Trump supporters all over facebook, alleging the Trump election has now ushered in massive hate crimes. I’ve been looking at photos of sloppily scrawled swastikas on bathroom walls for a few days now, and hyperbole that insists, “this is what you’ve unleashed!”

Those things are pretty easy to debunk, to point people to the truth, but when CNN starts trying to pour fuel on the fire of excessive hysteria, it becomes far more challenging. This particular article from CNN really ticked me off, ” FBI: Hate crimes spike…” with the strategically placed byline, “Reports of racism, bigotry post-election.” If that doesn’t get you all riled up, there is “anti-Muslim hate crimes in the United States rose 67%.”

That is exactly what I received, a hastily flung accusation that since Trump’s election, “anti-Muslim hate crimes in the United States rose 67%.” Nobody ever bothers to actually read the articles these days, they just pick up on the subliminal bylines and strategically placed pictures. That is exactly what this kind of propaganda is designed to do, exploit our ever declining attention spans.

If they had read the fine print hidden underneath the hyperbole, brainwashing, and rhetoric, they would have discovered that these statistics are from 2014-2015, long before the election ever occurred. Who was President in 2014? 2015?

This could not possibly have anything to do with “post-election hate crimes” on account of the fact that the election was just a week ago and these statistics are really from 2 years ago. There was a spike in hate crimes, but even that must be placed in the proper perspective. In 2001 there were 481 anti Muslim hate crimes. In 2015 there were 257.

You do the math, but I think we could call that a decline. As far as I know 481 is still greater than 257.

We have free speech in this country, but I also recall something about not yelling fire in a crowded theater. CNN should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t be a useful idiot for people trying to pull your puppet strings.