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“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. We’ll handle it.” Are those not the most sexist, patronizing, words ever? It’s like patting someone on the head and completely dismissing them, except in this context it wasn’t at all, it was a very sweet and genuinely reassuring attempt to offer comfort, protection. A bit of brotherly love offered as emotional cover for some big ideas. It was a way of saying, let not your heart be troubled.

Also, whenever you toss the word “pretty” in there and you got it made.

Was it a lie? I hope not, I am totally trusting in this one human man to fix my entire broken world, politics, the church, the economy, my community, my troubled heart. I jest here, perhaps in a literal sense we could call it a lie, but intent is everything, the love behind our “truth” matters, the grace woven among it all.

He has a mouse in his pocket too, that universal “we,” that always says, me and my angel armies, that’s who.

If someone were trying to sell me some waterfront property in Utah those same words would probably be a lie, patronizing, an attempt to deceive, but in this case they were more like a romantic promise to rope the moon for me, or agape love that seeks only to offer some reassurance and comfort. A reminder that God is always in control, that there is human teamwork going on, that I am not alone, that I am protected and safe. All will be well. Let not your heart be troubled.

Better yet, those words sent me down a path of contemplating love and lies, the nature of truth and grace, deception and intent, human perceptions. Not a bad way to spend a dark and gloomy afternoon.

The bible, the instruction manual, offers us some really good advice about speaking the truth to people, about how to love, how to speak life over people, about how to infuse our words with grace. The intent of one’s heart is so important. One can be armed with truth, wielding one’s theology like a sword, and yet, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

Wielding one’s sword like a great and mighty dragon slayer, and yet that is seldom the proper way to slay other people’s deceptions and lies, at least not in the context of love. Just one drop of grace can be much more potent stuff.

So reassured, comforted, simply riding home on a wave of bliss, I so wanted to share my simple joy with the family, but before the tale could even be told, it was shot down, “that’s sexist, that’s patronizing, that’s a lie,” ugly words all wrapped up in culture and ideology and a need to be right, to shake one’s vehement little fist in protest all over my silly little tale.

A silly little tale because it was nothing more significant than, “hey, someone offered me some kindness today and I am feeling reassured.” Nothing has changed, no earth shattering event has occurred, we have not yet solved all the world’s problems.

Hubby got it, hubby understood, but the others, the women in this house, they are all about that need to be right, to shake one’s vehement little fist in protest against absolutely everything, to exist in a state of perpetual rebellion that does not allow them to see the beauty in things. I will simply dust myself off and speak my silly tale to anyone else who will listen, but some of those I love grieve me because they cannot receive it, they are all entangled in indoctrination and culture and I am completely powerless to slay their dragons for them.

I would you know, if I could. I would step into their hearts and pluck out all the thorns, untangle all the lies, I would lift their burdens from them, I would show them there’s another way, a better way. I would hand them what is missing, but what is missing is Jesus Christ and a spirit willing to surrender to Him. My grief is tiny, imagine God saying that over and over again all through the millenia, “I died for them, I’ll rope the moon for them, I’ll fix everything”…. if only they would let me in.

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” -1 Corinthians 2:14