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Not sure why but God has been speaking to me a lot about discerning spirits and prophecy. For those who don’t know I tend to have a really sharp eye, I can often sense what is going on with people, and pray for them accordingly. Sometimes there are actual words of encouragement they need to hear that can only be Divinely inspired. People have done that to me too, like how did you know I needed to hear that precise thing at just this moment? I love that, I call that the music of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t speak for God. If there is something He really needs you to know He’ll tell you Himself. There are simply too many variables, I could have eaten bad pizza the night before or discerned His voice incorrectly. So I never claim to be speaking for God, words of God perhaps, but not for Him. I don’t claim that authority at all.

When I’m listening for His Still Quiet Voice, it takes some discernment because there are usually 3 voices, mine, God’s, and the enemy. The enemy is not in my head, but the echo of his words are sometimes. (No jokes about hearing voices, most of us have voices floating around in our heads. Identifying them can be really helpful.) To really listen to God you have to get still and quiet your own voice. What I want to hear and what God is saying to me are often different things.

I caught a glimpse of a woman on TV doing prophecy the other day and she bothered me. Immediately I thought of the fortune-telling slave girl who Paul freed of her demons. She’s in Acts 16:16, a soothsayer who earned a great deal of money for her owners. She actually goes around saying, “These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation,” and yet she still grieved Paul or annoyed him, so he cast her demon out.

The TV profitess, pun intended, got to me right away because she was breaking all the rules. There are rules here people, crazy I know, but the first thing she did was to claim to be  speaking on behalf of God Himself. You just can’t do that. Then she claimed to have a Divine revelation that contradicted The Word. Uh-huh. Right. Then she looks right into the TV having no idea who she is speaking too, I imagine there are millions of us out here, and she makes a prediction over someone’s life about money and inheritances. Not good because she has no idea how many people are receiving that information subjectively. She says, “God wants to return what has been stolen and profit you.”

Well yes true, in a metaphorical way, I suppose,  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Just the same, what we want and what God wants are not always the same thing. For some people He may have removed their inheritance to build their character. Or perhaps it was stolen and God has no intention of intervening. Maybe God will give you your money back or maybe in your case what God wants you to know is that, the poor will always be with us. Who knows?

The point being you cannot tell the truth and tickle people’s ears at the same time. It struck me as somewhat funny,  because when you engage in actual prophecy people aren’t going to like you much! Most likely you’ll be hated, feared, and forced to spend three years walking about the earth naked, tearing your hair out. That’s the truth and nature of prophecy, Jeremiah the weeping prophet, or perhaps the insane profit, the imprisoned profit….. the promptly executed prophet.

Here’s the difference, fortune telling is, “you will meet at tall dark stranger and fall madly in love next Thursday.” Prophesy is more like, “the chickens are coming home to roost, you are about to enter a time of deep suffering and grief as you are forced to take personal responsibility for the ugliness you have sown. It will feel like an eternity of regret and repentance as you confront the error of your ways….”

You can probably guess whose tip jar fills up faster.