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I confess, I dislike pockets. Pockets mean I’m going to have to have to carry other people’s stuff around. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me, “Do you have any pockets?” ย And I’ve smiled quite happily, “Sorry, no pockets.”

I also don’t like the bulge of having pockets full of stuff, or worse that tiny pocket that always insists on coming untucked. Than there is losing things and doing laundry, forgetting to check one’s pockets. As far as I’m concerned, I can carry a bag…..or stop needing so much stuff.

The war over pockets is all the rage right now, or rather the feminist idea that a lack of women’s pockets is somehow the fault of men and a vast conspiracy involving the patriarchy. Women are allegedly being denied our right to pockets.

How did everything get so crazy? I mean seriously, this is just embarrassing. It seems like if a strong, empowered woman wanted pockets, she would simply buy clothing with pockets…. or perhaps sew herself some. There is something incredibly sad about sitting around helplessly, bemoaning the fact that you haven’t got any pockets. And why haven’t you got any pockets? Because men have deprived you of your right to have them?! Seriously?

There are literally dozens of podcasts, videos, and articles explaining how women are being denied pockets, according to feminists. I was curious about the meme that kept floating through facebook, ย “I like your dress. Thanks, it has pockets.” Now if you are like me, that makes absolutely no sense.

If you are like me you can also sniff out that something is up, completely forgetting the fact that sometimes, ignorance is just bliss.