Women are always on my heart, the well-being of women and girls, not from a  feminist perspective, or one of superiority, but simply as sisters. I love women and I want women to know that Christ loves them dearly. That can be challenging because sometimes the world is not very kind to women, as is pretty clearly evident in the Middle East. The church too, has a long history of failing to speak life over women, of mistreatment. Not the whole church, the Western world heavily dominated by Christian values has created more peace, prosperity, and opportunity for women than any other place in the world, at any other time in history.

Just the same, there are still cults, sects, and churchian misadventures that curdle my stomach. Spiritual abuse is a real thing in the world. So is poorly addressed domestic violence and outright sexual abuse.

This election has been tough on women, in a whole lot of different ways. For one, we’ve had to let go of the idea of having a woman president. The gender gap did not turn out for Hillary Clinton and if you crunch the numbers and look at the statistics, that is because women turned out for Trump. If it weren’t for women, Trump would not have won the election.

So, those who plagued me endlessly with foolishness about repealing the 19th amendment, humble yourselves for a moment and thank a woman. Take the time to think about what you were saying there, how it might have made your sisters feel. I am haunted by the fact that here in America there are actually men who hate us so much, they would revoke all our rights to citizenship. We’re your mothers, your sisters, your daughters. Honor us and speak out against such foolishness.

The alt right, the red pills, have been hard on women, as in their existence is a bitter pill to swallow. There are literally hundreds of thousands of men condoning and advocating outright violence and abuse of women. I partially blame the porn culture we have created, because violence against women now has sexual over tones, making it a powerful cocktail that is hard to break free of.

The alt right also has a heavy white supremacist presence and many often claim the name of Christ. Speak out and speak up against these fools. Don’t allow this garbage to go unchallenged. Women can’t really police men, men have to do that, they have to set the tone for their brothers. More importantly, men have to stand up for Jesus Christ, so when His word is being perverted and darkened like that, you need to speak up. If you don’t know about the alt right and the red pills, become informed.

The revelations about President Trump himself, the sexual disrespect he expressed was familiar to every darn woman in this country. Unfortunately familiar too, was the way it was dismissed, ignored, declared irrelevant by many people of faith, people we may have trusted to at least stand in the truth and simply acknowledge that. Women can overlook sexual flaws, we did it for Bill Clinton and probably a few dozen other presidents before him, but what should never be over looked is the disrespect it shows, or worse yet, the blame that is always unfairly placed on women as if that somehow makes it justified and acceptable.

Since I sound like a schoolmarm here, I want to end on a more positive note. Grace shines all the brighter in dark places and I am so grateful for all the men of faith that have actually been kind to me and held my hand through out this entire election process. Just a tiny bit of grace has such power to heal, to wash away wounds and to sanitize one from farther harm.

Someone asked if all these blogs about politics and faith, all this internet discussion, matters. It does, words have tremendous power, but not harsh words, only words spoken with grace and love. You will never win hearts and minds by being a clanging symbol or a resounding gong.

The Jews were once called “people of the word.” I like that. Word’s matter, but the spirit and intent behind them matters even more.