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A couple of  great posts on men, women, marriage, faith that I so enjoyed, I thought I should pass them along.

Sam Powell did a lovely one called, His Banner Over Me. He says among other things, “His banner over me is love….. A banner is a standard, a flag marking the nation or tribe to whom one belongs.” That really is what faith is like, we are reserved, set apart, claimed, placed under His banner of love and protection. Marriage is similar, an earthly reflection of that same kind of relationship. Grace changes hearts in a way laws and rules never could. I used to sneer at the idea of submission and yet when confronted with the truth of love, I’d lay down my life for you, it just changed everything. Submission in marriage is not oppression, it is freedom, love, protection, a reflection of His banner over us.

MJThompson did The Worth of a Woman, also a lovely post. He says among other things, “I don’t know why it has only occurred to me recently, but the need for quality honorable mention of women is long overdue.” Isn’t that just music to your ears? I think of all the great men in the bible who praised women, who sang us love songs, who lifted us up and encouraged us. We are our brother’s keeper. We are our sister’s keeper. When we get that right, it is so beautiful.

Recently I was sitting in a bible study and the men were talking and we were just listening because it was interesting, because it was so good to hear them explore issues around the bible, faith, and life. It was somewhat funny, many of us girls are seldom rendered speechless but we were just quiet that day, just breathing it all in. At the end an older woman quipped, “aren’t men wonderful,” an amusing comment, almost flirtatious, but we all knew what she meant. Thank God for men of faith. I often wish they could see themselves as some of us do, as hope, as wisdom, as the comfort and support we often need in order to navigate the world.