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There’s a teeshirt I really like that says “I’m a Whosoever.” It’s based on Romans 10:13 which says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” A Whosoever reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss, like one of the Who’s from Whoville, so I think it’s very cute. Salvation is available to anyone Who avails themselves, so there are no favorites here, anyone can become a Whosoever. You’re already a Who in Whoville, you might as well take a leap of faith and become a Whosoever.

Evolutionary things tend to frequently annoy me, when that descriptive label is placed in front of our sciency words, so we have evolutionary biology, evolutionary archaeology, and my personal favorite, evolutionary psychology.

Evo/psych is my nemesis because it is so irrational, so illogical, constantly contradicts itself, and often leads people to form conclusions that are transparent in their idiocy. It is frequently the precise opposite of science, often nothing more than confirmation bias wrapped in sciency words to lend it credibility. If you want to really twist me in knots, add the word “sustainable” to all your conclusions. The “sustainable femocentric process of glacial retreat,” for example. That is supposed to be a reference to global warming and polar ice caps, but I tend to just think that guy is  having marital problems.

Not long ago, some evo/psychs declared that due to evolution, men have evolved to the point of where they now find intelligent women unattractive, so allegedly men seek out the dumbest women possible in order to reproduce with them. This allows our silver back alpha ape to remain top dog, because obviously the smartest one always gets to be the boss. Allegedly this gives your off spring the best chance of survival.

In theory, if this were true, than we would soon begin to evolve backwards, and while there is ample evidence that this may be true, out in society and on the TV, it makes no sense from an evolutionary perspective. What kind of an idiotic species would deliberately try to breed intelligence right out of itself?

Then there is the inconvenient fact that most of the genes that might indicate a potential for intelligence, are actually carried by the female.  I don’t wish to be indelicate here but biology is pretty clear, “mitochondria are normally inherited exclusively from the mother; the mitochondria in mammalian sperm are usually destroyed by the egg cell after fertilization. “

So while our silver back alpha ape may have had good intentions, biology has gone and thwarted all his efforts. I just hate it when that happens.

There is also absolutely no nurture in our equation, likely because most evo/psychs and evo/ biologists are male. Now, men can be great nurtures, there is no doubt about that, they nurture women and babies…and puppies, but when they are being sciency, especially in an evolutionary context, they have an uncanny ability to completely disregard the nature versus nurture debate, so everything is allegedly all about genes, chemistry, nature, and “nurture” doesn’t even exist anymore.

Intelligence is not just a simple matter of genetics, it requires environment, nurturing, love. Genes are nothing more than potentials, possibilities. We are far more than our genes. Also, we are far more than our alleged “intelligence.” Thank God, or we probably would have annihilated ourselves long ago,  obsessed with chasing our own tails.

So, psychology seems all but forgotten in our pursuit of evo/psych riddles too, because psychology 101 would suggest that our silver back alpha ape may only be feeling a bit insecure, perhaps doubting his own abilities, fearing if he mates with someone smarter than him, she just might out smart him. I’m actually beginning to feel a bit sorry for him, those nurturing skills of mine are starting to kick in, and now I imagine him sulking over there, alone in the damp leaves, feeling as if he has nothing of worth and value to bring to this reproductive equation. But my patience is also wearing thin and I swear if our pouty ape says the word “sustainable” just once, I will shoot him with a tranquilizer dart…..

But what would I know, I’m just a Whosoever on safari.