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Evangelizing atheists are boring, redundant, and repetitive. Something that puzzles me, they never seem to understand that I’ve already heard it all, some 50,000 times. They never bring anything new to the table, it’s always the same old song and dance but they tend to believe they’ve just dropped some bombshell of unknown wisdom upon me, so brilliant that if I don’t respond it must be because I am stunned and now evading the question.

Sigh. The only thing I am evading is the urge to inform them their ego is always two stories above their IQ. I am evading typing out yet another long screed called Human Stupidity 101. I am evading repeating the same fruitless conversations I’ve already had for nearly half a century.

Clubschadenfreude decides to bedazzle me with wisdom in this thread by saying, among other things, “I am not accusing this god of being “bad” but of not existing at all,” and “My morality and love are quite a bit better than this god’s” and “Sin” is a term to try to claim that some god approves of some actions and disapproves of others. Christians can’t even agree on what sin actually consists of” and “Now, I can just read the bible and point out that this god’s described morality is far less than mine or most people in the world.”

I have the urge to just pat you on the head and say “yes dear” like one does to someone who is babbling incoherently, and then simply walk away.

I know it’s usually pointless, futile, but let’s break this down anyway, shall we? You show up at my place simply to disturb my peace and joy, and then proceed to lecture me about your vast awareness of morality? You spend all your time roaming about the internet trying to disprove the existence of a God you claim to not even believe in and then you try to call me irrational?? What is more irrational then trying to rob people of their faith and hope? And of course you call yourself Schadenfreude, which means “the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.”

As I’ve said a million times, if you can’t even see the nature of your own self with just a tiny bit of awareness, than why would you presume yourself to be worthy of judging God’s character? That’s just a rhetorical question, I already know how this conversation always goes down, and it all boils out to this one idea, “god’s described morality is far less than mine.”

You believe you are superior to God. You think you are wiser, smarter, more powerful, more intelligent, more moral, and far more qualified to be running things than the Creator of the universe. Also you don’t believe in Him because you’ve deemed Him unworthy of your belief and respect.

Welcome to the human race. That desire to one up God himself is called “sin.” As much as you like to believe you are a special snowflake possessing some awesome skills of reason and discernment, you are actually just another people, behaving as people have for thousands of years.