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“Central Intelligence” for those that don’t know, is this great literary masterpiece sure to win an Academy Award for its dramatic appeal and intricate plot. Actually not really, it’s just a cheesy movie with some corny humor and overdone special effects, but it does have the Rock in it, or as my guys call him, Doo-Wayne.

My guys think I have a crush on Doo-Wayne.

I clean house for these two complete nerds who often watch movies while I go about making sure they haven’t done anything ridiculous, like filled their fridge with nothing but chocolate cream pie. I kid you not, one day I arrived and they had nothing in the fridge but a couple of half eaten pies, a potato, and a case of energy drinks.

Obviously they need checking in on, but for the most part they look after themselves and each other very well. By the time I got there this week they had watched Central Intelligence 9 times and were dying to show me all the funny parts.

It was a surprisingly cute movie about bullies, redemption, and being the hero of your own story. The lady CIA agent gave me a laugh. Whenever she encounters the annoying office moron, she just blasts him with a taser and goes about her business. No questions asked, no apologies, she just zaps the inconvenience whenever he walks into the frame. Very funny.

It really wasn’t the movie though, that spoke life into me, that made me laugh, it was my guys and their obvious love for dumb potti humor and slap stick comedy. They were just rolling on the floor, absolutely delighting in the silliest jokes. Where it is possible I might almost smile for a second, they can spend a good 10 minutes in convulsive laughter.

Those two are such a blessing, they really know how to delight in the simplest of things, and how to truly speak life over people. They always make me feel appreciated and wanted, in their own dorky way. They had actually stashed clean clothes under their beds all week, clothes they proudly brought to me so I could fold while I watched their movie, and watched them collapse in hysterical laughter.