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Well, the middle school mean girls of bloggerville yesterday apparently have no desire to have a civil relationship with me or even any relationship at all. They just want to mock, ridicule, and troll. I gave it my best shot.

Yesterday I made a lovely pot roast, slow simmered all day, and some chocolate cupcakes. I wasn’t really wanting to make cupcakes, but somehow we wound up with some chocolate bats that needed a home. Naturally everyone picked them off and left them on the counter, so now I have pre-licked chocolate bats covered in frosting, needing a home.

We have a pretty blue laser light on the porch now that makes it look like you’re under water. It gets very dark this time of the year so we are always playing with lights and special effects.

I lost track of all the laundry I’ve done the past couple of days. I’m very blessed to have a washer and dryer, but Thursdays are my day off and I seem to spend most of it cooking and cleaning.

That’s my life. It’s seldom very glamorous or interesting, but I do have an awesome husband and marriage is good, marriage is wonderful.  God is good to me too, and I’m learning how to rest in His peace. He’s not my copilot, He’s driving the whole car.

Life is good.