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I don’t know who Milly is, she’s just a woman I heard about a couple of times on the radio, an elderly widow who has just gotten remarried. Milly has been making me smile all week and she doesn’t even know it. She’s been a great encourager. There are many people in the world like that, heroes, encouragers that don’t even know what a bright spot they are for the rest of us.

So Milly had a casual acquaintance with a guy who’s getting up there in age and really just couldn’t live alone anymore. Milly decided the best thing to do would be to move in and take care of him, but being a Christian woman of a certain generation, you can’t just go and live with a man, so she married him.

Milly said she wanted her grandkids to know she still has some standards.

I’ve been enchanted with this love story all week because it really captures the sacrificial nature of love and the ministry that is marriage. These two have made a statement that has touched a lot of lives way beyond their own social circle. There’s no status, youth, beauty, wealth, potential children, or even a long future together. It’s just pure love for one another, but also for their grand kids, their community, the values they embrace, and the God they serve. It’s a big love, one of abundance that has now rippled out into the world like those proverbial pebbles in a pond.

It’s a rather pragmatic love story, but also a romantic one that reminds me of the quote, “do I love you because you’re beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you?”