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I married a human man. If anyone wonders what that really means it means, cranky, sometimes insensitive, stubborn, often having more skull than brain…

Men can be stubborn, did anyone else notice? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, the man managed to stretch my charitablity skills this morning. When I got in my car the light refracted off this purple pumpkin and just filled my car with sparkles. The Holy Spirit, He sparkles, something I have a heck of a time trying to explain to people, but His presence is always proceeded by sparkles, crackle, glitter. It’s a very girly perception, I realize this. I imagine if I were a crow, He’d just throw some shiny coins on the ground and be done with it. I however, am not a crow, I am a girl, so…glitter. Energy. Light. Sparkles.

I felt His presence immediately, but muttered all the way to the store, still furious, still annoyed. When I got there, Judge Judy just slid out of the magazine rack, half a dozen of her across the floor, with the words, “life without my husband.” Amen, I was thinking, having some sudden Judge Judy envy, but than I thought, what are the odds of that particular magazine, with those particular words, falling off the rack right in front of me? That’s astronomical. I couldn’t even begin to calculate them.

So I stopped and said thank you Lord, thank you for hearing me, thank you for the sparkles in my car, and thank you for your humor, for those magazine words placed right before me. I do believe in tiny,  personal miracles, I do see your hand on me. I feel your presence here.

It didn’t stop there however, as I was buying the biggest, fanciest, most expensive cup of coffee possible, definitely a revenge drink, my phone rang. “Who is this?” he says and I recognize hubby right away, but he claims he did not call me. He claims he was just sitting on his phone when it started ringing. Yes, the man actually butt dialed me.

“Well, I love you,” he says and hangs up.

He does, I believe him, but he doesn’t know the Lord like I do, something that saddens me, because it is not something I can give him. Like a lot of men, and women too I suppose, we are often our own worst enemies, unable to see the things laid out right before us. If we really understood the depth of love our heavenly Father has for us, we’d reflect that out in the world a lot more than we do.