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I’m so glad you asked! Just this morning I went out and smacked four Klansman in the back on the head with a shovel. Of course, they were like, 85 years old and Dixiecrats to the core.

Okay, I couldn’t find any actual Klansman, but I did find a keyboard warrior living in his parent’s basement who fancies himself a white supremacist. I got the impression he was kind of weak and pathetic, really just more like an ordinary bigot, but I smacked him upside the head anyway. Metaphorically of course, with my words. I believe I seriously interrupted his search for stale Cheetos among the sofa cushions.

I boycotted the 1924 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Gardens, AKA,the Klanbake. No,wait, I’m not quite that old. I wasn’t there. If I had been old enough however, I would have protested and launched a total boycott of the entire event, and the political party itself.

Than I would have blogged extensively about it as I am prone to do when something annoys me.

In all seriousness however, I wrote about Ever Loved a Bigot, right here. That’s one way to handle bigotry and racism, you follow Shirley Chisholm’s lead. You try to build relationship, you communicate with them, you find out their story, you point them towards Jesus Christ. You have to change hearts and minds, build relationship. It’s slow, painful work. It costs us something.

I actually do it. A lot, especially on the internet. If we really had Klansman out beheading and torturing people these days, whether they called themselves Christians or not, I’d be all over it. Well actually I’d be safely hiding behind my keyboard but still clearing speaking out and plainly stating, this is evil.

This is wrong. This is not okay. This is an abomination. But we don’t have that situation going on in our world at all. Klansmen who fancy themselves Christians are not out blowing people up. They are not beheading people. Muslims are doing that. Atrocities are being committed in the name of Islam. Sure, there are moderates, sure you can win some hearts and minds, but evil is still evil. There is great evil being done in the name of Islam. To deny that and instead point to the Klan, or to Christians, as if we are the root of all evil, is just insane. That is actually bigotry and hatred. That is injustice.

The Civil Rights movement was actually born in churches. Martin Luther King was a Pastor. The love of Christ was heavily infused all through  those turbulent times. How can I even speak of equality without pointing to Christ, without telling people we were all made in His image and that we have such worth and value He died for us? Without that basic truth I have no moral foundation on which to base my arguments.

Those of you who claim to care so much about women, about gays, about people of different races, need to go take a hard look at what is going  on in the Islamic world. They are actively murdering women, gays…..and Christians. We here in this country speak of equality because we are heavily influenced by Christian values.  Other people in the world are not holding hands and singing kumbaya with those they perceive as having less worth and value. There is a vast difference between “love your enemy” and “behead your enemy.” Doctrine matters, belief systems tend to rule our behavior and our cultural dictates.

It’s maddening living in a community that has declared Christians the enemy. It’s unpleasant being viewed with such hatred. It’s also untrue, unjust. This meme goes through my facebook feed this morning like so many other memes that seem to designate everyday as, “smack a Christian day.” That’s hatred people, it’s bigotry. You need to set down your talking points, set aside your ideology, and go meet some actual Christians.