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So, our local sheriff who is an elected official responded to an article on facebook about beheading 12 Christians in the ME with the words, “amen, that’s evil .” That’s all he said, but them words sparked a wildfire among the vigilante crowd who are outraged by this alleged islamaphobia. The local newspaper has done a story, the sheriff has been forced to delete his FB page, and the hens are all clucking furiously about getting him removed from office.

I try very hard not to hate, but if there is one thing I strongly dislike, one thing that makes me see red, that’s it, this vigilante spirit of social justice. I just want to smack these people in the head. Our family has been deeply hurt by these kinds of attacks, stupid, gossipy, authoritarian crap, where people decide it’s their job to get you, to met out justice for whatever reason. It is harassment and abuse, pure and simple.

This is a small town, if people truly cared one bit about others you would show up at our door and say, hey, what can I do to come along side of you? Can we talk? How can I help? That’s what used to happen here. That’s what small towns and that sense of community is all about. When is it okay to post mean things about people, to call others to boycott a small business, to threaten to notify government agencies, to go after people’s jobs, to harass people’s children?  How about never.

In a nearby town, one guy is going to court right now because his hatred, his social justice campaign against the homeless and the addicted was all about getting ahold of people’s phones and posting intimate photos of them having sex on social media. Yeah, becasue apparently when someone is hurting and down, the best thing to do is to try to publically humiliate and mock them, and tell them to kill themselves. That is how we treat others when we dehumanize them, there is no limit to what we believe we are entitled to do to them, because we don’t perceive them as actual human people anymore.

I really, really dislike that nasty, viscious, vengeful spirit that wants to narc people off for their alleged bad-thought or for their messy lives, or for their religious beliefs. It really makes me angry becasue it pointlessly hurts people and many people are not strong enough to take it or to fight back.

Ironic that in the land of “peace, love, and tolerance,” we would have such a thriving group of outright fascist, authoritarians. What you are doing is flat out wrong.