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I’ve been wanting to write about Brad and Angelina breaking up, all the drama to be found there, and the endless foolishness of pop culture, but I just haven’t had the stomach for it. The foibles of the fancy people, the lifestyles of the rich and famous, are really quite boring and predictable.

I used to admire wealth, fame, success, or at least believe these to be desirable things, the beautiful people, the lucky ones, goals to strive for. It’s a shame that our Western culture teaches us to value these things, to equate wealth with status, to define beauty in an exclusively physical sense, and to somehow use these things as a measure of what is moral, pure, and good.

In our crazy, upside down world, we actually promote this idea that the poor, the little people, are immoral, crime ridden cesspools, lacking beauty, while the fancy folk are all noble, honorable. That is such a deception, one that must completely disregard the fact that some 98% of us actually are the little people. 

Not only are the beautiful people noble, honorable, but they Know Stuff, we assume they’re smart. That is why someone who has made their living as an actor, a celebrity, is now qualified to instruct the rest of us on the finer things, like politics, culture, and love. In truth the vast majority of them are dumber than a box of rocks and should probably not be left alone to boil an egg, but they do have a platform, a voice. Everybody listens when Brad or Angelina say something, which is foolish because we are giving weight to someone’s words, based on culture and not wisdom.

It never ceases to surprise me, the irony, the obvious truth before us that we as a culture can just ignore. At the moment we have two political candidates, the epitome of wealth of fame, the beautiful people….who also have a long track record of corruption, perversion, and immorality that would have landed any one of us little people in jail. These two dark horses, flit about the country promising to save and protect us from the crime ridden, broken dysfunction of….. the little people. The ugly ones, the immoral, people too stupid to solve their own problems, us, ourselves.

I’m easily misunderstood when I say, some 98% of us are the little people, as if I must be an Occupier or a Marxist trying to redistribute the wealth, or someone who wants to eat the rich, but it isn’t that at all, it isn’t really about money at all, it’s about  virtue, wisdom, and common sense, and the way we’ve already redistributed those and handed them off to Bradgelina for safe keeping.