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For a while now I’ve been saying that it seems as if the world has gone mad and the clowns are now running the asylum. God must have a sense of humor, because now we have literal killer clowns running about. Sometimes I imagine God saying, “since they all insist on turning my world into a circus, let’s just give them some clowns to deal with.”

But wait! All is not lost, because now we have Batman come to save the day. Batman is awesome, how can you not love Batman? So this guy dressed as Batman has been chasing off killer clowns to reassure the children that all will be well. Never mind the kids, I need Batman’s reassurance and protection.

“Man dressed as Batman chases ‘killer clowns’ in Cumbria”

Also somewhat reassuring, as crazy as Americans can be, the Brit’s always come along and show us how it’s really done.