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Excellent post IB. I too have realized that when God decides He wants something done, you are in for a time. The upside is that you can rest assured that it is important – not that you’ll necessarily ever see the importance although sometimes you’ll get a glimpse. I don’t think it is God’s intention to hde the importance, I think it is because reality is so complex and so interlinked that what you are doing may prevent a cyclone in India or somesuch – totally unexplainable. I have occasionally be priviledged to actually see the outcome and it blows my mind everytime. I was driving tractor-trailer one night inbound to an eastern city for delivery at 2 am. I kept getting this feeling that I had to stop for coffee or whatever. The weather was perfect and I was tight for time so i ignored the feeling,. It grew stronger and stronger and stronger over a period of about an hour. I kept pushing through. I exited the highway and at the end of the ramp there was a traffic light for a local rural cross road. It as dark on either side with no traffic. The traffic light was green and the feeling was so strong that I had no choice but to obey and I stopped in the middle of the road on a green light. As soon as I did, a car full of drunk teenagers sped trough the intersection on the rural road with their lights out , right through their red light.They were hollering and waving with the windows down and were doing at least 100 mph in a 30 zone. If I had continued their car would have gone under my trailer and all 6 of them would have been killed for sure at that speed. I dpubt that even to this day they realize that a power much higher than they or I, deliberately saved their lives. All those kids who would be adults now with families and people who love them – they would have ceased to exist on that hot summer night on the pavement in that intersection. God help us – stop for 30 seconds and save 6 lives. It is so, so clear and yet so inexplicable. And then, of course, it pops to my mind, how many times has God dragged my ass out of the fire, and I was blissfully ignorant? It makes me shudder and increases my Faith even more. All those who say = Well prove that God exists. My answer is pretty much – Well you’re still here, aren’t you? They seldom get it.

Anyway I could go on forever with stories that would make your hair stand on end IB (and I’m sure you have your own stories as well), but I know I’m preaching to the converted. Great post.   -Paul Curran