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So we have a potentially interesting weather system rolling in this weekend, two of them actually, one set to hit today, Thursday, and the second one on Saturday. They’re like residual cyclones off the coast and spinning in opposite directions, about to encounter some tropical air. I’m rather impressed with the looks of them and knowing just a tiny bit about the weather patterns here, if everything comes together as it appears to be brewing, we could be in for the storm of the century.

It’s not uncommon to get 50 mph winds, downed trees and power outages around here, but once in a blue moon things get considerably more exciting.

On the other hand there are many variables, a mountain range in the way, and predicting the weather in this neck of the woods can be darn near impossible. We could be blissfully untouched while the next town over bears the brunt of it.

Since I live in the boonies and my internet tends to go down when clouds pass too close to the sun, it’s possible I’ll be knocked off line at some point this weekend. Β I plan to keep blogging, but if I suddenly disappear, don’t fret. It’s probably just the storm…. or possibly the black helicopters, MK-Ultra, or even the Bilderbergers having kidnapped me, but those things seem unlikely. Besides, my family has no money for either bail or a ransom, so I’m hardly worth bothering with.

I can cook however, so there’s always that. You never know, one of the Men in Black could snatch me up just for my pot roast…..