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“Blast from the past. I recall being about 12 and fascinated with science fiction in general and Heinlein in paticular. I would get up early on Sunday mornings, make some buns with cheese and sit down with a Heinlein book from the library while I ate. I’d keep the drapes closed in the living room because science fiction is always better in the dark. Sometimes my cat, Sissy, would join me. I could not imagine a more fulfilling time for a 12 year old than a cheese bun, a Heinlein story, Sunday morning privacy and my cat.

I think that the lack of morals has been an issue for a long time. It’s implied many times in the Bible and if your read any writings from back in time, you see the same issues. I think IB, that we all become more aware of the situation as we grow. I don’t think the world is any more or less moral – we are just more aware of the lack of morals. Which is not to say we shouldn’t fight against it – because we should. I went to Business school where they taught us all the rules on how to manipulate the business world to gain. No morals involved. It became so bad that graduates were going to jail on a regular basis – in fact the student who sat next to me for 2 years was in prision within a few years of graduating for cooking gov’t IT contracts. The university grew alarmed and instituited first an introduction to morals and eventually a course in morals. One of the things they did was take students on a field trip to a whoite collar prision to show what can happen if you break morals. The problem being of course, is the same with any law, you only get punished when you get caught. This just made immoral students who were very smart and determined to not get caught. Honestly IB, I don’t think a single student left any more moral than when they started the program. Just smarter.” -Paul Curran