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Men as a species have taken a real hit this past week, within the culture, within the 24/7 news cycle. All in good humor, but then there are also the Orcs who reflect that low standard.  The Orcs are the not-men, as in I just revoked your man card and flung you off my planet. Be gone.

It’s somewhat funny to me, there are men roaming about the internet seeking their unicorn, a unicorn being a virtuous women with some redeeming qualities. I spend my time doing the reverse, dodging Orcs, and instead seeking the men who every day heroes, ordinary, common, but priceless treasures.

I like to collect heroes, white knights who stand up, who do the right thing, and just listen to their music, hear the song they are singing. There are hundreds of thousands of them, but you must be on the hunt, stalking them, flinging a few Orcs out of your path now and then.

Somebody put a camera in a changing room here, violating some girl’s privacy and posted the video. It would have gone unnoticed, unrecognized, if not for some white knights who saw it, investigated, and stepped forward. There are thousands of white knights on the internet fighting a never-ending battle against the world’s brokenness, some professionals, but many amateurs, many who have nothing to gain but a headache, and yet they step up to the plate.

We have some heroes on the ground here to, lots of homeless people and travelers, and some young guys who look out for girls, who try to steer them away from the meth and heroin that seems to permeate this area. Addiction I think, is the worst predator of all. It comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.

I need these heroes, these bits of Light in an often dark world, and so I stalk them everyday, seeking evidence of their existence. They are often ordinary and simple, unsung heroes, plain even and hard to spot sometimes, but they are everywhere. They shine all the brighter in the dark places.

Long ago a pastor once led us to pray for the men, and the men to pray for the women. It changed everything, it opened my eyes to a whole other world. I was very young at the time and so like the other girls it was, uhg, pray for the men? I don’t even know what they need! The guys were lost too, being teen agers, I recall they at first prayed for us to be pretty and nice, but in the process of that exercise, we realized we did not empathize with one another, we had no idea what the other gender’s actual needs even were. We did not know what challenges we each faced.

I’ve carried that lesson with me for some 30 years now and been greatly blessed by it. When the men take a hit, lift them up in prayer, remind them they are our heroes, remind them of the One in whose image they have been made. The enemy, the leader of all Orcs, he just deflates like a balloon full of stale air, when one insists on loving their brothers, flaws and all.