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jokerDoes anyone remember  when we had real enemies and it wasn’t each other?

Good times!

I am rather fondly remembering the Joker, Darth Vader, Mk-Ultra, the NSA, the Alphabet people, black helicopters…..wait, I may have just revealed too much about who my enemies actually are….

I jest here, but not long ago I read of an 84 year old woman growing a pot plant in her backyard among the raspberries, and sure enough, the authorities landed a black helicopter in her yard and sent in a swat team to remove it. Scared the heck out of the poor old woman. Talk about authoritarian over kill.

Government is force people, don’t ever forget that. We have totally forgotten. Somewhere along the path we started speaking of benevolent government and how they are our friends and they give us stuff, and they’re on our team. Uhhg, that’s not a good sign.

darth2I have a healthy, happy relationship with authority (don’t laugh, it’s actually true.) Not long ago I watched my son enter building and he offered his hand to an older woman on the stairs, nodded respectfully to a couple of army guys, saluted the flag, and took off his hat before going in the front door. I thought I was going to cry. I never really taught him these things, they are just born of a culture of respect. Whatever challenges my kids may face, I got that part right, I planted seeds….. and buried somewhere deep within them all there is a gentleman or a lady just waiting to get out.

I want to tell you these things are normal, ordinary, common, but they aren’t at all anymore. We’re losing  our culture of honor, of respect. Today we have our cultural leaders, our mentors, kneeling in protest in front of our flag, we have a candidate speaking of “locker room talk,” as if not behaving like a gentleman was actually something to brag about. We have people outright challenging cops, armed cops, and we have actual live congresscritters advising people to do just that.

Actually not long ago we had some members of congress stage a sit in, something that struck me as terribly ironic. I mean seriously, whose authority did they think they where protesting against? Their own? Darkly humorous, but I guess congressional approval ratings finally plunged so low, even they felt compelled to protest against their own selves.

Even Batman went dark and got into this conflict with Superman. I dislike the fruits of our moral ambiguity, the 50 shades of endless confusion, the world we are creating where it becomes harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys, because there are no bad guys anymore just, “good guys who do bad things.”

Someone smart once said, “we have met the enemy and he is us,” and while that may well be true, one the greatest conspiracies of all time comes from an ancient enemy who has managed to convince so many of us that he doesn’t exist at all. The problem is, he’s quite the narcissist, so he tends to show up when he’s feeling the most ignored.