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“I don’t know IB, I’m not sure it’s fixable. We can certainly make it a better place, as individuals, but fix it? Personally I think a part of why we are here is to make things that under our own control, fair. It is us, as indivduals, who choose whether we have integrity, fairness, honesty, good judgement. Each one of us individually makes that choice for him/herself. We are ultimately responsible for our own behaviour towards ourselves, our neighbors and God. On that we will be judged.

I suspect you are seeking Peace on Earth, but I have come to realize that means something completely different than what most people think it does. Most would say it means a lack of war, a lack of strife, an absence of conflict. Personally, I think it not a lack or absence of anything but rather it is the presence of something- a sense of being who we are, where we are, doing what we are supposed to be doing under God’s eye. In essence Peace is personal and is a real presence felt in our souls by the grace of God. So “Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men.” does not mean a lack of war and the presence of goodwill, but rather an individual sense of “being/belonging/rightness” that will automatically result in goodwill. So, like Love or Truth, Peace is a gift given to us by God, and we have the choice of participating and much like walking into the spotlight on the stage – all appears much clearer in Faith and Peace.”


I have perhaps a thousand comments and conversations with Paul Curran, a great friend in bloggerville who has recently passed on. I just want to share some of his words, remember some of the good times we had,the great discussions.