That is such a simple saying, but I really do believe it is an important key to staying married, people who play together, stay together. Believe it or not, it has actually been one of the most challenging ideas to incorporate. I am a rather melancholy thing sometimes, who would just prefer to be alone, while my husband is a bit of a workaholic. That’s a recipe for disaster right there, so it really is quite miraculous we manage to pull it off at all.

How people define “play” is entirely up to them, but we’ll just plagiarise right off of Wikipedia to get the basic concept, “In psychology and ethology, play is a range of voluntary intrinsically motivated  activities normally associated with recreational pleasure and enjoyment.”

No sex jokes people, that is not the definition of “play,” or at least not entirely.

It’s a bit comical, life can knock you down sometimes, so the idea of taking time to play sometimes feels like yet another chore, and so there we will be still sitting in companionable silence…. two weeks later. We actually canceled two dates by mutual consent, also known as neither one of us could cough up enough enthusiasm to actually talk the other into leaving the house.

One actually does not need to leave the house to play, we could always have a pillow fight or pop some popcorn or something, but my point being, we sometimes get spiritually tired, emotionally run down. Ironically a great cure for that is to go out and play. Do something frivolous, light-hearted, playful, juvenile even. Of course at that point you don’t “feel” like it at all.

Play together, stay together. This is sometimes a challenging idea to sell to men like my husband who are so work defined, so productive oriented, who take life far too seriously, but it’s important. It’s important not just because wives need time and attention, not just because it builds relationship and loyalty, but because men’s health can suffer if they don’t learn how to play. They can work themselves to an early heart attack, to an early grave, to depression and high blood pressure. I don’t wish to blame anyone or imply we bring our own health issues upon ourselves, I am just saying there is a powerful mind-body connection and a bit of “light heartedness” really is good for your heart.

Play together, stay together, as in we are not just talking about the relationship here, but “stay together,” as in staying mentally healthy and physically fit, by remembering the importance of play.

Play with her husbands, not only is it good for your marriage, it can be good for your health too.