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“Just because something is true for millions of people over thousands of years, doesn’t mean it has to be true for me.”

I really like the above quote that came through my facebook feed, actually it caused me to snort coffee because I wasn’t expecting it at all. The amount of bold hubris in those words caught my breath and snatched it away, right while I was trying to daintily sip coffee.

I am all about the boldness, and even the hubris, and thinking way outside of the box rather defiantly. Total outlier here, as if to say, we are all basically living on a giant holodeck and so if you can dream it, you can do it. Everyday is an opportunity to orbit our own little planets and break new ground.

However, I am actually a rebel with a clue, who serves the God of all Common Sense, and so anytime I might feel compelled to completely disconnect myself from the rest of the human race, to look down condescendingly on thousands of years of human wisdom and experience, this giant umbilical cord just shoots right out and reigns me in.

While we are all out tripping the light fantastic, it is important to remain rooted to something, to dance within a partner’s frame so to speak, least you just become a whirling dervish of chaos and confusion. Even if we are only going to dance metaphorically about the cosmos, there are still rules, people.

Just saying, just because hidden among the boldness, lurking beneath the specialness of that snowflake, is a deep seated aloneness that fears sticking it’s toe in the water, that dreads confronting the truth of it’s own nature.