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Emotional Relativism is similar to some more negative aspects of post modernism, where one’s subjective reality can become the very definition of “truth,” in this case one’s feelings. I feel bad about what you are saying, therefore what you are saying is bad, and now you must change it.

Our modern world, and certainly the intertoobz, are absolutely marinating in emotional relativism. If you don’t agree with what I am saying than you are a horrible person who hates me.  In fact,  you are now threatening the very subjective reality I have created, which makes you the enemy.

Where I live we have signs up in certain places, “please do not wear deoderant, cologne, fragrant shampoos, scented laundry soap, or use air freshners out of respect for out patrons who may have mutiple chemical sensitivities.” Okay, while it quite possible that some people do suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities, is it reasonable to demand that every single person who ever enters this building, must change their entire personal hygiene routine?

No one empathzes more with the emotional than me, and while we all lose our cool or get frustrated sometimes, where did this idea come from that suggests the entire world must now accomodate our feelings? When did we start believing we are not responsible for taking care of our ownselves? Worse, when did we start believing we are entitled to demand the whole world cater to our own subjective perceptions?

Have I been asleep?

It’s like this really weird virus that seems highly contagious and is spreading rapidly. It’s starting to resemble the zombie apocalypse. On college campuses we now have these safe space zones for people to go when the subject matter is too emotionally triggering for them. I have actually been accused of abusing people with my opinions on the internet more than once. We have so exapanded our definitions of “abuse” that we’ve now left the realm of reason. Everything is now personalized, so anything one says is obviously, I mean obviously, a direct personal attack on us.

So, in the olden days, which has now come to mean like, last year, we used to discuss, debate, share our ideas, and sometimes argue. Today in our politically correct world, one is supposed to share one’s ideas, than address the myriad of feelings spilling forth, treat the collateral damage, engage in long term after care, and than apologize profusely for sharing one’s wrong headed opinion in the first place?

So, so many people looking for their emotional safe place and actually believing the whole world is going to hand it to them. I’m baffled about how we ever got to this place.