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marriageThis  little meme went through my facebook feed and kind of got me in the gut. Convicting, indeed. I absolutely do believe this, “marriage is a gift from God, the quality of our marriage is a gift from us to Him.”

I think that applies to many things even beyond marriage, life in general for example. God gives us the gift, what we make out of it is what we give Him back.

There is a huge caveat here however, we are a bit like children on mother’s day, the way they totally trash the kitchen trying to make you breakfast, or the way they present you with the lopsided sticky card all glued together. Do we parents love these precious and imperfect gifts? You betcha.

Our heavenly Father also loves our deeply flawed, imperfect gifts. We honor Him when we set our lives down before Him, no matter what they look like on the outside. Lord, I offer you my hot mess with a humble heart, my train wreck of mistakes and imperfections……

To offer up one’s aches and pains, one’s frustrations and disappointments, that too is an offering. What makes those sticky little gifts from our children so precious, so valuable to us parents, is the heart behind them.