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There has long been this ongoing controversy, this raging debate about people clicking “like” on blogs without leaving a comment. I’ve gotten into trouble over this a few times myself and even had one of those wordpress happiness engineers snap at me.

Here’s my official stance on likes. I like them. I like it when people leave a “like.” It is like writing on the bathroom wall, “I was here.” Or leaving your calling card. It doesn’t offend me at all, I find it charming. Comments are great fun too, but they are certainly not mandatory. I understand, we all have busy lives, we read a lot of blogs, sometimes we just have nothing to say. It’s all good.

Some people do not agree with me. We writers can be a touchy bunch, so some people actually find “likes” to be offensive. This actually surprised me, but they think you haven’t really read them. They think you don’t like them. They think you hated it. They think whatever it is we people think.

I’m not going to change any minds here, but I want to encourage people to think more positively. I have genuinely clicked “like” when a post simply left me speechless. (Hard to believe I know, but I am sometimes speechless.) Β Sometimes I need time to process what you have written, to relate it other things. Sometimes I am pondering your post for several days. There are times when I am simply smiling, when the writing was good, when the experience was pleasant, but I just have nothing to say. Sometimes I click like because I read you but I just haven’t got time to respond.

One thing that is never on that list is, “I clicked like because I hate you.” Β Seriously! Erase that one from your brain. Nobody in the history of the internet ever saw something they disagreed with or hated and just walked quietly by, spitefully clicking “like” on the way out. That is so not how it works.

Especially not in the year 2016, the year of actively celebrating our right to be offended about absolutely everything.