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“In any organization, discipline is inescapable. Either the faithful will exclude the unfaithful, or the unfaithful will exclude the faithful. There is no world in which fidelity and infidelity may join hands and build a new future together.”

I wish to take Pastor Wilson’s words a bit unfairly out of context here. He is speaking of feather dusters and gunfights and I am trying to address the kingdom of heaven. However, he has managed to unwittingly capture what had disturbed me so much about this election, the culture wars, and the alt-right. The “Christian” branch of the alt right.

“There is no world in which fidelity and infidelity may join hands and build a new future together”

That cuts right to the core of the matter, because there is indeed such a world. His kingdom. In fact, that is the very core message of the gospel, the entire plot twist of the bible. While we were yet sinners, Jesus Christ died for us. Fidelity met infidelity at the foot of the cross and they do indeed build a beautiful future together.

The essence of that truth has to remain front and center in our minds. When Jesus Christ was out dining with the pharisees and the tax collectors, He faced criticism too. You can’t be seen having dinner with those kinds of people! And so in Mark 2:17 we have, “When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

God’s entire relationship with mankind has been one of fidelity meeting infidelity. Beginning in the garden, mankind is not faithful. Israel is so unfaithful they spend 40 years roaming around in the desert. Hosea and Gomer? Go, take to yourself a wife of harlotry….

So, there can be no mistake that the bible is very clear here about infidelity being the state of mankind. Redeemed, forgiven, yes, but let us not pretend we are suddenly the virgin bride in this relationship.

Maybe I’m crazy, but somewhere in the midst of all this hollering over cuckservatives, infidelity, and metaphorical gunfights, I cannot see any evidence of Jesus Christ, I cannot see the gospel, grace, the essence of who and what we are and Who we really serve. And that concerns me, because without Him, we lose the moral upper hand, we become nothing more than clanging symbols out reaping the wind.

If there can be no world in which fidelity and infidelity may join hands and build a new future together, then we all lose, than we have lost the very fragrance of the good news, we have dropped the entire message of the cross.

No one empathizes more than me with the importance of standing up for the gospel, without compromise, without editing, but to simply go around pointing out infidelity, declaring your right to exclude the unfaithful, without also offering the hand of redemption, forgiveness, reconciliation, is not the gospel at all. That’s more like, the Gospel of Not-Grace.

I’m not bringing any guns to a gun fight, but I sure am willing to whack a few people over the head with a feather duster.

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