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I have an issue with cowards and the self-serving, those who flop around like fish on deck, proudly standing by the power of their conviction…. and a few weeks later completely reversing course… while once again bragging about the power of their convictions.

Politics is right up my alley then, isn’t it? It is forever like trying to stab down jello and stick it to the wall. Politics is all about ye cheese eating surrender monkeys floating around like bunch of spineless jellyfish. That’s a down right ugly mixed metaphor.

I should name the specific congresscritter who has ruffled my monkey feathers so you will all understand what I speak of, but I still dream of becoming rich and famous someday, in which case I would prefer not to have this post come back to haunt me. One never knows when they might be able to afford such things, like becoming the proud owner of a US congresscritter.

I jest about becoming rich and famous. My life of cyber-crime consists exclusively of consensually terrorizing people with my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. As of yesterday, that was still legal…

Besides venting and blowing off steam however, there’s a larger point to my message today, a message about the nature of people, about betrayals, about the importance of aligning ourselves with God’s will, learning the difference between “His work” and “our work.” What we want to have happen is not always what He wants to see happen. That’s a tough one, but so vitally important. His ways are not always our ways.

It is not just politicians who have trouble standing up to their convictions, but people in general. I learned very early not to go forth boldly unless it was something God had truly asked me to do because far too often you realize you are on the front lines, alone, look over your shoulder…and all your human backup has dove for cover and is now long gone. That has been my experience at least, something I learned as a teen ager more than once.

If you instead align yourself with God’s will, take the time to listen to Him and do what He asks, when you look over your shoulder, they’ll be an angel army standing right behind you. If you’re lucky, maybe a few humans, too.

Let our yes be a yes and our no be our no. Our word is so important. Without it we’re just a cheese eating surrender monkey. Or a politician. Same difference.

I’m IB and I approve this message.