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Dalrock again, promoting domestic violence, er rather, completely mangling the whole concept of headship, marriage, power and control, and hierarchies, in a post called hierarchies equal abuse. He is being sarcastic, as in he believes hierarchies don’t equal abuse at all, that people’s inherent issues around power and control are not a problem at all. Authority always loves you….

I was thinking of America, of how our government was designed, about how woven throughout was an understanding that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have a system of checks and balances for a reason, 3 branches of government that are designed to keep one another in check. We don’t believe in the Divine right of kings, instead we have a president who must go through Congress, and a Congress that must get their legislation signed by a president, and a Supreme Court that is supposed to weigh things against our Constitution. We have a Bill of Rights that is designed to place the rights of the individual above the power of the State. We have the ability to petition our government for a redress of grievances. It’s a complex system, all revolving around the idea of balancing power and control.

However flawed and dysfunctional we may be, one thing that defines America is actually our recognition  and understanding of the dynamics and the potential dangers of excessive power and control.

There’s an old-fashioned saying, “he who is under authority, has authority.” He who isn’t is just a tyrant. That is simply human  nature, something our founding fathers understood immediately and sought to protect us from.

In the Christian faith, as in headship, as in our country, there is an understanding that we have certain inalienable rights endowed by our Creator. That is a critical piece of understanding because our rights are not bestowed upon us by government or by another person. They are endowed upon us by our Creator, which establishes the recognition of a Higher Power, a Higher Authority. Even those outside of faith understand the concept of inalienable rights, as in no human can take them away or give them away.

Government, faith, marriage, I tend to perceive everything through a lens of power and control, the harmony, the balance, the way it ebbs and flows. Government, marriage, faith these are all consensual relationships, as in one recognizes the authority there, the power that stems from within, rather than the power lorded over others.

It’s a shame that the Dalrockians are so closed-minded, so hostile, so obsessed with their own potential tyrannies, because Pastor Sam Powell whom they attack said something really quite beautiful, He said,

..…he does not rule the home by power and control. He governs his home by service and love. You can see a woman controlled by power. She is downcast and the light is gone in her eyes. And you can see a woman who is loved by her husband. She is alive, fully human, confident, and joyfully doing whatever work God has called her to with spirit and life. Why do so many who claim the name of Christ believe that women are to be controlled by entitlement and power?

Yep, he sure nailed it. You want the women in your life, wives, daughters, sisters,  friends, sparkling with the love of Christ, light in spirit and joyous. The women around you become a testimony to how well you lead, how well you serve. Bring some light to her eyes, fill her with spirit and life, and one day He just might say, well done good and faithful servant.

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