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A couple of interesting posts have caught my attention this week, “Andrew Sullivan versus the Internet,” hat tip to  for bringing it to my attention. The article is called, “I used to be a human being, and chronicles his experiences as a high powered blogger, as one who was addicted to being plugged in. It’s a long article and covers many of my favorite issues, how technology is changing us, how that impacts us as people and what it all means in  a spiritual a context.

I am reminded once again that God speaks to us in that Still Quiet Voice and tells us to Be Still and Know That I am. So, seeking silence and peace in a world full of distractions, the bible actually has an Ap just for that! Read the instruction manual, it explains everything.

We are incredibly plugged in and people’s attention is often elsewhere, everyone looking down. Recently I attended a class and out of 30 of us, 2 were not covertly on our phones the entire time. That is not a judgment at all, I was desperately wishing I had my phone too, because it was one of those state mandated classes where the one thing you do manage to learn is that the state has a very low opinion of your level of intelligence and simply believes you are a complete moron incapable of even thinking for yourself.

The next one comes from Rabble Rouser where she eviscerates a popular liberal internet meme about Jesus Christ that presents him as if he were a Palestinian, and a terrorist to boot, called Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Well done, Amy.

I like to study internet memes about Jesus, what they say about us as a people, what our perceptions of Christ are, how ego and attempted social engineering can intersect so badly. One of my favorite memes has Jesus Christ as Arnold, the Terminator, and is captured, “I’ll be back.” All in good humor here, but I used to pray “come quickly, Lord Jesus,” but now I just pray, Oh please delay as long as possible, our house is a complete mess, we seem to have trashed the place, and there is a serious need for repentance down here…..