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Here’s an interesting piece that caught my eye and sparked my sense of humor, The Curse of a Godly Wife.

I know, right? That woman drives me nuts, too! I’ve met a lot of gawdly wives, especially on the internet, who pretty much just wag their finger at me and inform me I’m doing it all wrong. Shame too, they love to try to use shame as a weapon, as in we are super spiritual and you are just bad, a total sinner. Than they hiss and spit their alleged virtue all over the place….

I wish I were joking, but I’ve actually had my face photo shopped onto a beluga whale and posted about social media as an example of how ungodly I am. What is this, the middle school mean girls meet Romper Room or something? If you think I’m exaggerating, the whale tale is the most amusing incident and the only one I’m still laughing about. The other things I don’t speak of are enough to make me despair for the entire sisterhood.

So, this piece is well written and offers some positive encouragement to husbands and also speaks to personal responsibility. He offers some sound advice, Rejoice in your wife’s godliness, and thank God for such a precious gift. Celebrate it by pursuing godliness of your own.”

Amen to that! Celebrate it by pursuing godliness of your own. ultimately you are the only one you can fix, so it makes complete sense to focus on what husbands should be doing in this context and in this article. Just the same I think wives are really called to become aware of our own behavior, of the competitiveness that can exist between men and women, and to gentle ourselves around men and spiritual matters, to soften our tone to one of encouragement and support. Lift him up, let him lead once in a while, let your gentleness wash all that insecurity away.

All in good fun here, but the poor guy may have some valid concerns about his face winding up photoshopped onto a whale or something! Shocking I know, but girlz aren’t always so virtuous and kind.