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Spite is a word that often has negative implications having to do with malice and a desire for revenge, but all it really means is an, “often petty desire to annoy and offend someone.”

Now of course we should not be spiteful towards one another, but there are some days when spite is all that gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve spent nearly half a century doing my best to disappoint and offend the enemy. I admit that is a somewhat low standard to have, as in one should probably engage in some praise and worship, rejoice, set ones eyes on higher things, but some days spite is all I’ve got. Somedays I live just to watch the enemy’s face fall, safely tucked behind an army of angels, let me tell you, because I am not confronting that guy alone and outright. However, I do sometimes manage to leave him crest fallen and disappointed and I can almost feel him deflate like a bag of hot air.


For some reason I am keenly aware that there has been a battle for my soul raging since the day I was born. That is good news actually, it means one has some worth and value in the kingdom. If the enemy were indifferent, disinterested, that would mean you really don’t pose a threat at all and he just views you as insignificant, not even worth bothering with. Good to keep in mind when those storm clouds are brewing and life is just throwing you one curve ball after another.

So how do you offend and annoy the enemy? Well, getting out of bed seems to work for me. Some days I think he’d like to keep me there, out of commission, disengaged from the world, so I try to thwart him as much as possible. Step one, get out of bed.

Gratitude tends to offend him too, so being grateful is a good way to start your day. If you want to really disappoint him, try being grateful for something unpleasant, something no one in their right mind would be grateful for. Romans 8:28 is a good one to use in these situations, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” So, thank you Lord, I can’t see it, can’t even imagine it, but I know, I truly know you are going to squeeze the goodness out of this situation and hand me beauty for ashes.

Obedience tends to leave him crestfallen too. I suspect he’d much rather have us listen to him rather than God. You can’t do both. Every time you hear God’s voice and obey him, you defy the enemy. He’s really only got one tactic, “did God really say…?” Just eat the apple, I’m sure you’ll be fine….Don’t do it, you won’t be fine at all.

Marriage is a good battlefield, too. Lots of opportunities to thwart the enemy there. Love one another. Speak blessings over one another. Encourage one another. Don’t tell my husband, but a few times I’ve poured praise all over that guy just to spite the enemy. I don’t feel bad about it, I know my husband has woken up a few times and thought, oh good grief, is she still here? Or perhaps, I wish I’d just smothered her with a pillow in my sleep. If you want to really tick off the enemy,  fake it till you make it. Or at least bite your tongue until your 3rd or fourth cup of coffee. Sometimes feelings don’t match our words, but I am going to pour kind words out anyway, even if I have to pull them up from the depths of my soul.

Grace is the ultimate weapon in spiritual warfare. Forgive the undeserving, the unworthy. Be gracious towards someone who hasn’t earned it at all, who is not entitled to your kindness. That one will not only deflate the enemy, it will send him into an outright tailspin, a shrieking fit. What is she doing? Is she insane? She can’t do that, that’s irrational!

So, good news for the rebellious, the defiant, and the spiteful.  There’s a place in God’s kingdom for you, and if you surrender all  to Him, he’ll tranform you from a rebel without a clue into a powerful  and purposeful warrior for His kingdom.