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Now here’s a bit of humor from the Babylon Bee,

Nation’s Restaurant Workers Brace For Barrage Of Lousy Sunday Afternoon Tips

There is so much truth to that stereotype, that it is great fodder for jokes and satire. I spent a good decade working as a waitress, one of my favorite jobs, and come Sunday, we would actually draw straws to see who was going to be the unlucky one that had to wait on the church crowd. I never thought anything of it at the time, it was just the way things were, but today it makes my heart feel a bit sick.

I don’t know what it is, but the fresh from churchian crowd would always come in, look right through you as if you were invisible and send you running to start filling needs, too much ice in their water, too little, and separate tickets everywhere, I’m with the guy four heads down wearing the red shirt, what are you stupid or something?

Yep, sad but true, but the server who got the churchians was sure to also get endless verbal abuse and the full force of everyone’s constant irritation, and at the end of the deal, a crappy tip. I wish I could say this was uncommon or unusual, but just the other day I was talking to a restaurant owner and she’s simply closed on Sundays. She won’t even open her restaurant on churchian day.

We could totally change this, we could demolish this perception, this stereotype in an instant, simply by becoming aware of the fact that by their fruits you shall know them, that as Christians every moment is an opportunity for ministry, a chance to represent Christ in someone’s life. You might be all they ever see, you might be the only one shaping their perception of what it means to be a Christian. I find that thought terrifying, but not nearly as scary as the truth of what really goes on and how well-known it is.

My MIL, bless her heart, ran restaurants her entire life and had 15 kids. She’d come flying out of the kitchen if you misbehaved, waving a spatula. Heck, she’d even show up at your house and demand an explanation. I have to give that woman credit, she taught all her daughters and her grandchildren that you always respect and honor the ones who wait on you and never forget to tip your server graciously.