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April over at the Peaceful Wife wrote a really good post called “when would I not to submit to my husband” in which she provides lots of clarity for people concerned about abuse, and also many resources and links.

I really appreciate April’s heart for women (and for men) and her willingness to speak honestly about real life issues from a biblical perspective. It really grieves me when I see such beautiful scriptures misused or misappropriated, and used to justify things like abuse. It also grieves me knowing there are women now outside of faith who have been deceived into believing that they don’t have worth and value in Christ, that these passages somehow denote inferiority or oppression. Makes my heart sink because I know how much harm can be done by these deceptions and falsehoods.

Jesus Christ and His word are so life affirming, so kind and loving towards women, and it’s sad that has to be said so often, but it’s so very true.

So abuse is a real thing in the world, from child abuse to sexual abuse to domestic violence, and they can all add layers of deception to our lives. Healing is not only possible, it is evident in people’s lives every single day. I love the analogy of Kintsugi, Japanese pottery that is shattered, fused together with gold and re-fired. It is an art form, one that creates something that is often far stronger and more beautiful than the original. That is what Jesus Christ can do with our broken pieces. He is the Great Potter.

For those who use scripture falsely, who misappropriate it in an attempt to justify things that are simply wrong, like abuse, Luke 17:2 always comes to mind, “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true or biblical. If you have questions or doubts about something, talk to God, ask Him about it, get into His word, and seek out people like April who have both a good heart and an awareness of who our Father really is.